Altered Alloy


QUAKECOn 2016 tournament trophies

quake live duel and quakeworld 2v2 team deathmatch

original designs featuring game logos and art assets

Photo: Larry Gipson

Quakecon 2016 Quake Live Duel Masters trophy

"Arc of the Vadrigar"
Oxidized steel, aluminum, & acrylic

Arduino controlled lighting array with 120 RGB LEDs

Conceived and crafted by Brett "Cobalt" Barrow

arduino Programming by Bryce "Mogo" Masse

Special thanks to Sean "Goober" Leonard

Quakecon 2016 Quakeworld 2v2 TDM trophies

"We Know How You Are Going To Die"
Oxidized steel, bronze, & acrylic

Arduino controlled RGB LED lighting array

Conceived and crafted by Brett "Cobalt" Barrow

Programming by Bryce "Mogo" Masse

All items designed and constructed exclusively for QuakeCon® and ZeniMax® Media, Inc. © 2017.