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Trophies & Medals

Competitions featuring team or individual winners, or both, often have custom needs for their trophy and medal needs. As a means of standing out, those needs can be met with fully-tailored designs using a variety of construction methods, materials, and themes. High-end trophies and medals also compliment the media presentation of your event when displayed in video coverage,  live streaming, & interviews.

Recognition Awards

The many benefits to having custom, fine artwork for an award all branch from one guiding principal; uniqueness should be rewarded with uniqueness;  present your champion, exemplary colleague, or guest of honor with a symbol they'll take pride in. The award needs to not only represents their achievement, but also the hard work and dedication it took to succeed.

Promotional Small-batch Artwork

Customization is key to standing out in a crowd and making an impression fast.  Completely custom-designed lanyards, name badges, business cards, key chains, or other items get noticed, coveted, and remembered. This caliber of presentation is an extension of your business or organization's overall image and attitude.